I will do anything for my little Jacob. I love you darling!

Jacob: Thanks mother I love you so much. Thanks for helping me today.
Esau: How about me?
Rebekah: Oh.. yes you too Esau. I’m sure your father loves you very much also.
Isaac: I love you my son. Thank you for the game you cooked me today. You desesrved that blessing!
Esau: Wait…. what?!!?

All of you are asking the difference between Esau is more of a hunter while Jacob likes to stay with his mommy at home (: THey have different personalities but look so alike. I get confused all the time :D

Jacob: MOM..
Rebekh: What?! You love hanging around me so much it’s not my fault! That’s why your my favorite!
Esau: Favorite? :o
Rebekah: I’m kidding! How about you go fetch some game my little hunter!
Esau: on it...

Today is the day! I just gave birth to my beautiful twin sons! Welcome to the world Esau and Jacob!

Laban: I hope to see them one day sister! Congratulations! Who is older? Why'd you name them that?
Rebekah: Thanks brother! Esau is the older twin and we named him Esau because he was so hairy. ^.^ And Jacob because he was grasping onto Esau's heel.
Laban: Interesting!

Just asked the Lord why I was feeling these weird movements in my stomach. He says I'm pregnant with twins!

Isaac: I knew the Lord would answer my prayers! He did bless me with many descendants (;
Rebekah: Oh how lucky we are!!

Feeling weird movements in my stomach. Why is this happening to me? :/ feeling a bit worried.

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Just waiting for the Lord to bless me with sons... ):

Isaac: Don’t worry my wife I have prayed to the Lord. I hope he’ll answer.